Why Ithaca Psychological Testing

There are many different approaches to conducting psychological evaluations. At Ithaca Psychological Testing, we believe it is very important to be thoughtful and thorough. This means taking the time to figure out the nature and cause of a presenting problem.

Dr. Krantweiss brings expertise that bridges science and clinical practice. In addition to conducting comprehensive psychological evaluations, Dr. Krantweiss has worked as a clinician, co-authored several studies that were published in peer-reviewed journals, taught classes on the topic of psychological assessment at Cornell University and Binghamton University, and mentored many doctoral-level psychology graduate students. These experiences ensure competence and diagnostic accuracy.

Generally, it is important to administer several different types of tests during an evaluation. This is because symptoms that appear to be associated with one problem can occur for many different reasons. For instance, symptoms of inattention that might appear to be related to a diagnosis of ADHD might actually be related to the presence of a learning disorder or another psychological condition, such as anxiety or depression. Without conducting testing in each of these areas, the true nature of a problem could be overlooked.

Best Practices

After a careful and complete evaluation, you will have a very good sense of your strengths and weaknesses, and an accurate diagnosis can be made. This diagnosis will assure that following the completion of the evaluation, you can get the right help and treatment you need. For all evaluations, best practices that include consideration of the most up-to-date peer-reviewed literature are always followed.